First Class Operation

J.J. Delaney, Inc. is a first class operation that delivers high end quality and service to their customers. We bought our home in Prince Cove in 2004 while it was being built by Jack Delaney. As we begin our ninth summer in our Cape home we could not be more satisfied with the results. It almost seems like Jack and his associate Dana White, came with the house as part of the purchase price. They monitor our home for us throughout the off-season and know every conceivable vendor on the Cape. We have subsequently used them to finish a large project in our basement (home theater, wine cellar and exercise facility, plus bedrooms, kitchen and multiple bathrooms. They have also built a tennis court for us on an adjacent lot which they helped us to negotiate and buy several years ago. I will continue to use them without reservation. I currently serve as a trustee of a local land trust that is made up of nine local homeowners whose houses were all built by J.J. Delaney and I am highly confident that they all share my sentiments. Take a ride to the end of Baxters Neck Road and witness the quality for yourself!

Bill & Liz – Marstons Mills